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Bernd Alder

Founder and the creative soul behind Alder Art Production

Bernd, the brains and creative powerhouse behind Alder Art Production, is a jack-of-all-trades artist whose talent and vision have made a lasting imprint on the entertainment scene.

Sporting a career that stretches from film production to art direction and set design, Bernd has showcased his knack for spinning tales in a way that’s both unique and gripping.

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From indie flicks to documentaries on art world luminaries, Bernd has helmed a slew of projects that have grabbed global audiences by the eyeballs. His deep dive into music, as shown in his collab with Mussa Dursun for the flick based on Anatolische Hirtenerzählungen fables, layers his works with an added richness and vibe.

Bernd’s set and art magic on TV series and ads for big shots like Nike and Omega stand as proof of his knack for meshing visual aesthetics with punchy storytelling. His fine arts grind at the National School of Paris and acting chops honed in Stanislavski’s System and Lee Strasberg’s Method have armed him with a unique lens on creative expression and human feels.

Beyond the entertainment biz, Bernd’s also dabbled in black and white art photography, conceptual art, and storyboarding, showcased in his “Fait à complis” project. His ability to blend art forms into fresh projects speaks volumes of his out-of-the-box thinking mojo.

The production and direction of “Ulysses from Ghana,” kudos-ed by Unesco Paris and the World Forum Against Racism in Mexico, is just a taste of the positive ripples Bernd’s made worldwide with his work. With several docu-fiction projects brewing in various countries, Bernd keeps pushing the narrative envelope and busting traditional molds.

Beyond his solo wins, Bernd teams up with various production houses, offering his production prowess to breathe life into creative and forward-thinking projects. From music videos to corporate vids for brands like Dr. Reddy’s, Bernd takes pride in turning client visions into reality.

At Alder Art Production, we’re stoked to have Bernd on board; his passion, expertise, and dedication are downright inspiring, and we’re buzzing with excitement for the cool projects we’re cooking up together at our Barcelona studio, Alderartstudios.

Alberto Peralta Alder Art Productions

Alberto Peralta

Narración y visión estratégica en marketing y producción audiovisual

With a fiery passion for storytelling and a strategic vision in marketing and audiovisual production, Alberto Peralta has proven to be an exceptional leader across multiple domains.

His career spans from leadership roles in renowned companies to his commitment to independent projects, leaving a significant mark at every step of the way.

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Alberto has been the architect behind innovative and effective marketing strategies. His results-driven approach has been key to the steady and successful growth of the businesses under his leadership.

Alberto stands out not only in the corporate sphere but has also showcased his prowess as an independent Camera Operator and Video Editor for over 16 years. His ability to craft visually compelling stories has led him to play key roles in various film productions.

As a co-founder of a marketing company and an experienced Screenwriter, Alberto has proven his skill in blending strategy and creativity. His ability to create engaging content, whether in the form of advertising copy or blog content, is a testament to his sharpness in the digital marketing field.

With a strong academic background and a passion for cinema and storytelling, Alberto is always eager for new growth opportunities. His goal is to use his experience and knowledge to contribute to the success of any company or project he is involved in.

If you’re looking for a professional committed to excellence and innovation, Alberto Peralta is the right choice. He is always open to discussing collaboration opportunities and ready to bring his expertise to new challenges.

Alberto Navarro Alder Art Productions

Alberto Navarro

Veterano de la industria cinematográfica

Alberto Navarro, a veteran of the film industry, is a multifaceted talent whose experience and skills have left an indelible mark on the world of cinema. With a career spanning over two decades, Alberto has played key roles in some of the industry’s most significant productions.

With studies in film directing, Alberto has demonstrated his passion for storytelling through the power of cinema. His deep understanding of the art of directing has allowed him to contribute significantly to the realization of large-scale cinematic projects.

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One of the career highlights for Alberto is his experience as a DIT (Digital Imaging Technician) on renowned productions like “Rec”. His ability to manage and ensure image quality during shooting has been crucial to the success of these productions.

Additionally, Alberto has extensive experience as a Director of Photography, using his talent to capture stunning images that complement and enhance the narrative of each project he participates in.

However, where Alberto truly shines is in his role as a video editor and colorist. With a meticulous eye for detail and a deep understanding of visual narrative, Alberto has been responsible for bringing numerous films and audiovisual projects to life through his work in the editing room.

His ability to capture the essence of a story and convey it through color manipulation and editing has been key to the success of many productions he has been involved in.

Throughout his career, Alberto has proven to be an expert in all stages of the film production process, from capturing images to post-production. His dedication and passion for his craft make him an invaluable asset on any production team.

With a proven track record of success and extensive experience in all aspects of film production, Alberto Navarro is a professional who is ready to tackle any challenge that comes his way in the exciting world of audiovisuals.

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