Streaming broadcast in Barcelona

Alder Art Studio helps you produce and carry out your events in streaming.

  • Dissemination through your social networks
  • Recording the event high de fi nition
  • Delayed viewing of your event

Multi-Camera Realization

Recording and multi-camera broadcasting with professional equipment and specialized operators.


  • Recording with FULL HD and 4K quality cameras
  • Professional realization with Roland V1HD video mixers
  • Broadcasting of multimedia content
  • Custom streaming interface design
  • Delivery of material once the event is over

We Broadcast Your Events

Multiply the audience of your events thanks to the live broadcast,
in this way we will avoid geographical borders and your message will
reach any corner of the planet instantly.

It does not matter if your event is face-to-face and you want to broadcast it or if you directly
decide to hold a virtual event, we adapt to your needs.
We offer you:

Escaleta study and realization design
Live guest connections to your events, your guests can enter live without leaving their home or office, more comfort and effectiveness in the message.

Connection with participants through platforms

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