Invitation, Film screening. THE SHELL. Saturday I October 2. 18h

por | Sep 2, 2021 | Alder Art Studio, Eventos

Saturday I October 2
18h I Arriva with aperitif

19h I Film start

21h I Film review

21:30 I Drinks and Food

The Shell is an observational documentary that sequences five individuals and their
relationship with physical pain. Throughout the five chapters Affliction, Compulsion,
Rapture, Penance, and Presence preconceived concepts and images of the human
body and physical pain are being explored and questioned.
It portrays a young man with a serious skin disease, a skateboarder compulsively
trying to land a trick, a woman giving natural childbirth, a man attending a Holy Week
procession while carrying heavy thorn bundles in Taxco, Mexico and a disembodied
consciousness floating through Los Angeles.
The powerful images are contrasted with ethereal music, which transcends the suffering on a physical level and invites the viewer to explore the concept of what a human/
physical body can be and is able to endure. The Shell confronts the audience’s own
discomforts with vibrant shots and musical interludes.
Xav Langton
Xav Langton grew up in Newport Beach, CA and spent his childhood surfing and
being a beach kid. He studied English Literature at Bard College in New York State.
The Shell is his first future length film. Xav Langton lives and works in Los Angeles.
Opening night: 20. October 2020 in Los Angeles
Barcelona: 02. October 2021 at Alder Art Studio
Berlin: 05. October 2021 at Kino Babylon
Zurich: 15. October 2021 at Kino Kosmos
Silent Sister LLC
Camille Jamet –
Paula Reinhard –

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